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About us is an online global church community stretching to the utter parts of the globe.

The people who occasionally or regularly include themselves in this community come from many different branches of Christian faith, from doubt, and from agnosticism. They may be young children or great grandparents, single or partnered, New Zealanders of many ethnicities, or visitors to this country. Some make themselves known, some prefer to remain anonymous. Explorers and strangers are welcome to visit, to stay for a while, or to make this their home.

In choosing to enter this global online church you may be looking for a connection with God. You may be concerned for someone else, or struggling with a decision of your own. Perhaps you want to express thankfulness, or you’re looking for a moment of peace - is for you.

Whatever your reason for being here, please feel free to join us and be part of a global mission.


A compassionate online global community

This church community aspires to be a place of safety.

Perhaps you’re angry and intimidated about the failures and abuses of religion and churches that you have attended. We acknowledge with shame that throughout history of the church and today religious  people have used religion as a tool of coercion or intimidation; vulnerable individuals have been sexually, emotionally, and spiritually abused in the name of religion. Paul said who has bewitched you O Galatians.

Many church folk fail at times to live out the grace and truth of our Lord Jesus. Yet we still long and try to be a part of a community of freedom and safety. 

We aspire to be a people who you can trust, give help and ask for help, celebrate each other’s talents and our own. We long for each person to enjoy the wholeness and freedom for which God developed your talents to do.


A online global community centred on Christ and his Cross finds its focus in loving and being loved by God.

Our ultimate confidence is in the person of Jesus Christ. We believe that he demonstrates God’s love for every human being and for the whole creation. As individuals and as a global community we seek ways to join in God’s demonstration of love for the world.

We welcome you to share in our community.


Ken Noble is the team leader minister at and has been in associate ministry for over 20 years. He has a passion for Jesus, and a desire for the church to be 'the hope of the world'. His vision it to look outside the for walls of a church and  to see people growing as life-long followers of Jesus and help people grow in God with Truth of Gods word.
Kens  qualifications and in training are in the area of theology, biblical truth, counselling  and spiritual guidance. His spiritual gifts include leadership, preaching/teaching, pastoral ministry and encouragement.
He is  married to his wife Carmen with 3 step sons, Alvin, Bernie, Bethenal and 3 grandchildren which he loves Gabby, Shemiah and Shekinah and they love Granddad too.


Ken Noble


Pastor Alvin Balanon is a powerful and dynamic minister, who has travelled throughout many parts of Asia. He is known for his ability to unpack biblical truths and make them plain and simple for people to apply in their own lives who have never heard the Gospel. He's also known for activating and releasing others into their destiny and equipping them for success for online ministry. Alvin Joined MychurchNZ as early as May 2020, He could
instantly see that this was his passion, a church with no walls, no boundaries and Global, We welcome Pastor Alvin to the Team.
Alvin was born in the Philippines, but moved to Auckland at the age of 17, when his father passed away tragically in Philippines, Alvin knew from age of 15 that his destiny was to preach online truths of Jesus Christ. Alvin is married to lovely Yuki and has two children Jacob and Gabby, His mother Carmen has joined him and is serving as MychurchNZ Church Financial controller.


Alavin Balanon


Edwin is the Philippines pastor in San Fernando and has been in full time ministry for 15 years. He has a deep desire to help the church and be an authentic representation of God's Kingdom in the local community.
Edwin's qualifications and training are in the area of pastoral leadership, teaching and preaching, strategic planning, project and people management in his beloved country of Asia Philippines.
Edwin is married to Gladys and they have four children, He loves his church with and has had a calling to server to advance Gods Kingdom in the North of Philippines, he is excited what God has called him to do. 

Mandarin Congregation 华语​部

The Chinese Congregation was officially formed on November 19 2020 as part of the ministry at
The congregation largely consists of people from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Vietnam and Taiwan. 
Our bilingual services with English and Mandarin is held on the last week of every month online. With most other weeks, we offer interpretation services 
崇拜以华語为主,但每月的最后一个主曰是双語主曰(华/英). 其他的主曰都有透过耳机翻译成英語.
In 2013, the name of the congregation was officially changed from 'Chinese Congregation' to 'Mandarin Congregation' in order to not limit our attendees to those with an Asian decent but to all who are wishing to attend a service held in Mandarin. 
2013年我们把名字从 "华人部" 改为 "华語部". 我们不只是欢迎华人仍是欢迎所有会讲华語並有兴趣学习华語的人.


Pastor John Kent 

Joined the pastoral team in August 12 2020. He commenced as the Intentional Interim Minister and Assistant Senior Pastor of in August 2020, while continuing to take care of the International Congregation. John and Jenny have been married for over 30 years and are the proud parents of 2 (married) adult children and 5 grandchildren.

Having been an Anglican Pastor since 1983, for the past few years in Canada, John has been in roles as a Transitional Pastor in troubled churches in Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and USA. He also recently served as the Interim Executive Director for Global International Missions where he now continues as the Board Chair. Previously he was on the faculty of United For Christ Theological College for over 14 years .


Chinese Outreach Missions David Zhong
Pastor in the Mandarin Congregation

David is from Beijing, China. He graduated from the Chinese International University of China and worked as an CEO for Beijing Radio Station. After he moved to California where he gained theological training at the  Missionary and Bible College, where he met and married Judy. 

In 1996, David, Judy and their daughter Mary were sent as a missionary family to Hong Kong while David served as a senior producer and program host for the gospel radio station of the China Christian  Broadcasting Company.

David was ordained as a Pastor in Hong Kong in 2010. He is now looking after the Mandarin worldwide congregation of He is also a voluntary Chairman of the Mandarin ministry of Hong Kong  Chinese Christian Churches Radio and TV stations .

His motto in life is “Loving the Lord with all his heart, mind, soul and strength and loving people with sincerity, purity, honesty and passion".


Evangelical Pastor Danny Sinlew
Pastor in the Cantonese Congregation

Rev. Danny Sinlew was converted in 1990. Being moved by God’s grace and calling, he offered himself to be a full-time minister in 1999 and admitted to Evangel Seminary to study theology in 2000. He served in Judaism Church for three years after his graduation in 2006. Then he decided to join in May 2020. Danny and his wife Lyn have two boys, Malachi and Jacob.


SENIOR TEAM Pastor Tony Lam
Pastor in the Cantonese Congregation

Pastor Anthony Tam and his wife Amy have been attending a Chinese Church for 40 years working underground. He previously served as a lay leader in the Cantonese and then Mandarin congregations for over 20 years before taking up theological studies at the Chinese Theological College of Hong Kong a few years ago. He graduated with a Bachelor of Ministries in 2019 from one of the best Canadian seminaries in the world. In January 2020 he joined as a Senior Team Pastor and is ministering mainly to the Cantonese congregation belonging to Tony likes to meet and chat to people online due to Covid19 restrictions and enjoys sharing the gospel whenever he can.


Associate Thai Pastor Mrs. Nanthana Saich (Nan)
Thai Ministry Worker ผู้รับผิดชอบฝ่ายพันธกิจไทย

Nan is from Chiang Rai, Thailand. Her family background is Lahu, an ethnic group. She has graduated in a Bachelor degree of Online Christian Studies and a Masters of Divinity from the University of Thailand.
In 2014, Nan married Tum and they have 1 daughter, Anny. Nan previously served as the manager of the Christian Lahu Students Missions for Christ and Coordinator of the Distant Learning Education Department of Thailand Christian Organization.
In 2016, Nan and Tum joined in September 2020. Nan loves to serve God, to meet with other people and share the Gospel with Thai people.

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