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How you can donate and help OUR Church

Donate A Gift,
a Pig, a chook or a cow

MyChurchNZ has a strong affiliation with many small villages in the Polynesian chain of islands including Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Vanu Atu, Samoa Cook Islands and many more. Many have no income due to COVID-19 19 and loss of employment now. In these islands are many new Christian cell groups that we have just started up and are in desperate need of not only good teaching from the word of God but resources. The need is not only spiritually great but also the materially massive where by many that use to work in Hotels along the beach fronts now have no work and no money due to COVID-19 19 halting all Tourism which is their main source of income. MyChurchNZ is making it available that as a child of God you can help by donating the following in to each of the devastated areas . 

1 A Mother and Father chook so they can make more chooks and eggs, $5.00 each 

2 A Pig is $100

3 A Cow is $300

4 A Caribou is $500 

It would be great if we could get people to donate this kind of money to be sent to the people of Faith having a hard time with no food and reproduction methods to multiply chooks and animals in order to keep the food chain going.. 

Should any one like to donate a Chook, a pig, a cow, or a Caribou please contact our Relief Ministry team to make sure we can get these items to the correct village of your choice. 

Once you have paid for the Pig etc you will have the opportunity to name the animal after yourself with full naming rights . 

Should this be something that the Lord has laid upon you to do please let us know many thanks

Family Feeding Pigs

MyChurchNZ has just put out Tenders to build a 200 million dollar Mercy Ship, with a fully equipped hospital to travel to remote and poor parts of the world where Christian and Health Benefits are simply not available or unaffordable. There are 3 Tenders at the moment one in Australia, China and Japan. We will be seeking, Captains with no less than 7 years holding a masters Ticket, Engineers with Marine Tickets, Qualified Doctors and Navigators and all the personnel that run a 30,000 tonne ship. The ship will be named MV MyChurchNZ  with two 10,000 Horsepower Sulzer Marine double opposing piston engines built in Sweden. We are seeking any one that would like to assist by simply donating toward the cost to build the ship for the Glory of God. She will be running up through the Sprately Islands and the Philippine Sea dropping by doing Heart Operations, Eye Replacements, Dentistry and many other much needed medical surgery to begin with then running down the side of West Africa. We are expecting the Tenders to be in by the end of April and by such time we will be posting a Schematic of the ship to view. Should any one like to be part of this wonderful mission please contact us regarding being involved. Pastor Ken Noble.


MyChurchNZ is looking at building its own Radio and TV stations,  In August we are booked in with one of the big radio stations just talk about the Senior Pastor, MychurchNZ Vision and its beliefs. The time slot is just for 20 minutes which is quite a lot of free air time especially talking about he Gospel , Please Pray for this.

Firstly to build Radio/TV MychurchNZ we need lots of money?

We will be applying for funding from the Lotto Commission in New Zealand, Australia and USA and then hire  broadcast consultants who will help us design a system, then integrate it all together for us. Then we can hire people who have experience in the business to run it for us to make it a  great success.

To start with we will launch an online streaming service and grow both the viewership and gain experience. We will ;probably start with something as simple as VMix since we have no budget to invest. Then later get some software like Pebble Beach or Pixel Power running our station and then seek distribution contracts with International Christian satellite or cable companies.

Secondly: What need to be focussed on what kind of TV/Radio shows do we want to do?

We will have  everything pre-recorded. If we have everything pre-recorded then things are much simpler, if we do anything live then we need a connected studio, or another venue with good connectivity, and the right production equipment which can be leased.  If all the material is pre-recorded then we as a church can record everything on one camera and edit it easily. Or we can buy in content and  ingest our ministry videos into the playout system and run them to a schedule.

Thirdly: We need to be prepared to do this 24/7? If so 

Channels don’t run themselves, if they aren’t streamed then you pretty much have to run them 24/7, well at least someone has to be there doing that so we will be seeking retired Christian Radio and TV Hams that can assist us. Quite simply we are going to need people and more people than we think. This kind of operation needs a minimum of six trained people on transmission operations to cover the shifts. 

Fourth: How is all this going to be funded?

Advertising? We need someone experienced in ad sales and experienced in handling adverts quickly. Fundraising? We need people experienced in that and handling the money. We need Sponsorship? 

Fifth: We definitely need a good lawyer?

I don’t want to be sitting in Jail after some of the Worldly Non PC Comments I preach about , especially that dirty word called SIN.

The legal part of broadcasting is complex and we need advice

A Man and a woman participating in a rad

We appreciate all donations and offerings goes into our one fund to empower the mission and vision of MyChurchNZ, including specific initiatives as we partner with God in transforming souls, families, and communities.

ways you can donate:

Online: ANZ 01 1852 0005770 08

Phone: +64 9 425 4099 or 022 654 9624


Postage: PO Box 734, Warkworth 0941, Auckland, New Zealand

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